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"Master and Commander" took in 1805, when Europe has fallen to Napoleonic Wars. The HMS Surprise is commanded by Captain Jack Aubrey. This movies also mention the ship's surgeon, Dr. Stephen Maturin, who is close friend and supporter for Aubrey. The mission of Aubrey and the Surprise is to track or destroy a French privateer, which has named Acheron. The Acheron is currently in the Pacific Ocean, where it can find supplies and pirated booty for the French emperor. Captain Aubrey realizes that this task will be very difficult because the ship of enemy is bigger and faster. In addition, they have to overcome hardship of nature.

Aubrey and Surprise were attacked earlier by the Acheron. The Surprise is a lot of damage; it do not capacity to struggle. Therefore, the British warship have to escape in to the fog. However, Aubrey required the ship need to refit at sea while they pursue the Acheron.

In the high winds, the topmast breaks, captain is compelled leave a man into the water because he scares that the Surprise will be sink. Even though Aubrey know that, the French warship is heavier and faster because of a cutting- edge design, but he still orders the Surprise goes to the Galapagos Island, where Aubrey believes that the Acheron will be there to catch the whales. Dr. Maturin is excited because he indulges to research the strange creatures. This is a good time because Aubrey promises to him that they will stay there several days. However, when the Surprise reach to the island, Aubrey meets survivors of the whaling ship, which is destroyed by Acheron. Then, Aubrey want to go back to pursue the privateer. In this way, Maturin is injured because a crewman shoots unintentional. The surgery must be perform on the...