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Modern Times

People have been trying to attach social significance to Chaplin's work "Modern Times." Chaplin says that he has no intention to do such things, he just wants to entertain. The movie, "Modern Time," is about living in the great depression and seems to represent the attitudes of the time. It seems the movie shows that Chaplin has some views and feelings on the great depression but overall it seems to entertain more than anything else.

The film "Modern Times" is about a man and a woman who are living in the great depression. With a setting like that, it is hard not to put in views and opinions into a movie. Of course Chaplin is going to try and show how he feels and what he has seen in the depression. He wants to show the differences between the poor and the rich.

He wants to show that prison was better to some than living in the real world. I'm sure Chaplin wanted to show how he felt about the whole situation, but it seems that this movie was made to entertain the people living in the great depression. If you look at the movie in the present day sure it is going to have some social significance, but in the depression, it was a way to escape and make light the hard times that fell upon the country.

On of the most common forms of entertainment in film is comedy. This movie is filled with it. His comedic scenes take place in places that the original audience would have experience in to relate to the audience. The assembly line comedy kind of made fun of the whole industrial process, and people who worked in a factory might know...