A Review of "Scar Tissue" by Anthony Keidis

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Scar Tissue is Anthony Kedis' story it is an almost overwhelmingly honest reflection of the most memorable parts of his life.

It starts from the start. He gives you some interesting background information on his family, and then Anthony is born in St Mary's hospital Grand Rapids Michigan. He talks you through his childhood, giving you the clearest possible idea of what growing up was like for him. He was unfortunately born into a broken up family, his father lived in California, while he spent most of his childhood in Grand Rapids, but in the summer and whenever he could he'd stay with his dad in California.

Both of his parents were rebels in their own ways, his father was a drug dealer, while Anthony was slowly but surely becoming a product of his own environment and by the time he was 12 he had become a regular pot smoker.

Later on, he moved to Hollywood with his father and attended Fairfax high, where he would meet Hillel Slovak, Jack Irons and Michael Balzary who would later be dubbed 'Flea.'They started a band, and in 1983 they burst into the punk rock scene and between then and 1988, released four albums and one EP.

At the time, to the rest of the world, everything was moving forward for the Red hot chilli peppers, little did the fans know, Anthony and Hillel had developed into troubled rock stars with life threatening heroin addictions.

After Hillel's departure from the world, Jack decided to leave the band, he didn't want to be part of something that was killing his friends, but they had to move on, and Anthony vowed to stay clean for the rest of his life.

They hired John Fruscante on guitar and Chad smith on drums and from then on released chart topping albums and became one of the most successful bands on earth. Although the band was having strong international success professionally, every member was dealing with their own personal problems and Scar Tissue is the closest thing to the full story.

The whole book is honest, outrageous and entertaining, anyone who starts this book won't be able to stop as Anthony Keidis tells you every great and terrible moment of his twisted but amazing life.