Revolution of Reverend Hale Analytical essay on The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

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Revolution of Reverend Hale

By: J. Ji

Imagine your mistake kills tens of innocent lives, but it's too late to alter the tragedy. This is the suffering Reverend John Hale reminisces through. In Arthur Miller's 1952 satirical play, The Crucible, this Puritan community is filled with paranoia and hysteria regarding witchcraft and the fear of correspondence with the devil. Because of this, many people were accused of witchcraft and hanged. Hale arrives in Salem as a specialist of witchcraft, and hopes rid the town of evil. However, Reverend Hale discovers corruption within the society and the death of innocence. Reverend Hale changed drastically throughout the play as he is disillusioned by power, comes to a realization to the truth of the victims, and experiences the destruction of his belief in Puritan justice.

When Reverend John Hale is requested to come to Salem from Beverley, because of his expertise on witchcraft, he came with confidence and solid beliefs of his profession on witchcraft.

Bestowed on Reverend Hale is the responsibility of justice. When he first appears in the bedroom of Betty Parris, he seems strong and devoted of his opinions and his work. In addition, Reverend Hale is respected and trusted by the whole town, he is filled with authority and esteem. Because other people trust Reverend Hale, he cannot have any doubts of the existence of witchcraft, and also his accuracy. Just like the people of Salem, Reverend Hale's disillusionment soon turns him into paranoia of witchcraft. The idea of witchcraft is an abstract idea. Because of the intangibility of visible evidence, the possession and practice of witchcraft cannot be proven. Therefore, Reverend Hale has to use his personal observations as his only judgment. However, the flaw of personal judgment is that anything can be interpreted differently. Especially when Reverend...