"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki - Review

Essay by glisten March 2007

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There is a cliché that goes: "Never judge a book by its cover," but nonetheless the title Rich Dad Poor Dad stimulated my curiosity at an instant, encouraging me to open the first chapter of the book. Although I was not very interested in being financially literate at this phase of my life, it turned out to be a worth reading motivational book with unique perspective, enabling the readers to become aware that alternatives exist to the traditional career path. There may be some disturbing parts of the book for certain readers. For instance, this book rather focuses on the question "why" rather than precisely "how" to become rich. Moreover, the author admires the meanness of his rich dad on how he keeps people waiting and intimidating them with his power. Nevertheless, this book puts strong, successful emphasis on the fact that receiving school education is not the key to becoming an affluent individual.

As a student, this part greatly interested me. This book states that a person can be highly educated and professionally successful but financially struggling due to their financial illiteracy. Simply, these people know how to make money and to work hard, but not to have money work for them and how to spend and keep money once you've made it. I agree that academic and professional successes do not always enable one to get ahead in the field of wealth. Because often, the smart and educated do not necessarily become the winners of the game of life because in fact, in the real world, it is the bold who have the applicable knowledge that get ahead. Nonetheless, regardless of this fact, our archaic education system does not bother to regard financial intelligence as intelligence, but rather focuses on training future employees who would spend...