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"Well, we got a call from a frightened Ms. Leimbach who lived on the forth floor

of the Pleasant Valley Apartment building," Lieutenant Henderson said.

"So......? What'd she say?" I asked.

"She said there was a body lying in a safety net that some construction crew had

left outside her back window," Lieutenant Henderson said.

"So what'd you do then, LT?" I asked.

"Hey Miller why don't you stuff a doughnut in this kid's mouth so I can tell my

tale." and turning to me, he added "Patience young man, patience."

Flicking an ash from the end of his Dunhill toward the aluminum foil ashtray in

front of him and missing, he continued, "Anyway, Sergeant Richards took the call, and the

info that he got outta Ms. Leimbach was sorta vague. She said that she couldn't tell who it

was because the face was covered in blood, but she estimated that it had happened within

fifteen minutes before calling us.

She said that she had finished the dishes at her sink in

front of that window just before The Tonight Show started at 11:00, and the body wasn't

there then. When she called us at 11:15, she said she had just gotten up to make herself a

cup of tea when she noticed the body.

"At first, me and Richards wondered if that old coot hadn't been seeing things

again. After all, this was the same Ms. Leimbach who had called us about four months

before this, screaming something about her Hoover attacking her."

"What ya do about that?" Detective Miller asked.

"Well, first I called her doctor and had him meet me there with some sedatives. I

decided to bring a starter pistol loaded with blanks. When I got there, she was locked in

her bathroom, and the...