Rights For All People's Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

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Recently the topic of sexual orientation and gender identity, (Sexual orientation refers to gays, lesbian, bisexuals, and those questioning or are unsure. This refers to all not just homosexuals. Gender identity refers to those of transgender, which may change through medical procedures.), has been brought up more and more often. More people keep "stepping out of the closet," and these people are receiving anger hatred for who they are. These people deserve the same rights and should be treated fairly. Oddly though our government, (a government founded on life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom, and justice that's makes laws that protect people of their religion and racism), does little to prevent prejudice, inequality, and discrimination toward these people that are open about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

People that are open about their sexual orientation and gender identity are meet with too often negative attitudes.

This pessimistic attitude is treated with repulsion (where it is thought as a sickness, a sin, and a crime), pity (heterosexuality is seen as more mature and preferred, and any possibility of becoming straight should be enforced), tolerance (homosexuality is viewed as just a phase of adolescent development, so then they are less mature), and acceptance (with expression as what you do is your own business, still oppressing and disregard the realities they live.) This is all apart of homophobia. For homophobia is the fear of or toward non-heterosexuals, as well having homosexual feeling or suggests homosexuality within any heterosexual. This result is the Thought and need to suppress or get rid off homosexuality. Furthermore the self-hatred and denial of homosexuality for they have been taught in society that it is sinful, sick, and criminal.

Though sexual orientation and gender identity has existed for long time all over the world...