Riordan HR System Part 1

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Riordan Manufacturing has decided to take on the endeavor to assemble its existing human resource tools in use today into a single integrated application. Being that their current program has been in practice since the year 1992, their human resource department in long overdue for revision. To ensure that the new system becomes successful certain criteria must not only be stated, but met. Yet before such requirements are written, the scope of the project must be outlined.

The focus of the task Riordan faces is to formulate and install a more refined, up-to-date, and advanced information system fully capable of integrating Riordan's human resource's techniques. The new unified system will be deployed at the company's headquarters of San Jose, California and begin the integration of each of the human resource procedures from the four Riordan Manufacturing plants.

The system used presently has been in employ since the early nineties as branch of their financial systems package in order to monitor and keep track of information in relation to personal data, rate of pay, tax exemptions for certain personnel, employee's date of hire, which staff has seniority, other pertinent organizational information, and lastly vacation hours.

A payroll clerk must manually input any changes to this information into the existing system following submission of the updated information in writing. Records pertaining to the development and training of employees must be kept in Excel by a specialist in the task of instruction of the workers. Personnel recruiters update job applicant data for available employment positions with resumes collected and filed in a central store area using Excel to monitor potential applicant's status. As Riordan has chosen to outsource its workers' compensation, the third-party provider must keep its own records up-to-date outside of the information system. Also, employee files for workers are kept by...