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Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics injection molding company, employing 550 people with estimated annual earnings of $46 million. This company is owned by Riordan Industries that is a fortune 1000 company that has revenue of over $1 billion. They have three production plants; a plastic beverage container facility located in Albany, Georgia; a custom plastic parts division located in Pontiac, Michigan; and a plastic fan parts facility located in Hangzhou, China ( The San Jose, California is corporate headquarters and houses Riordan's research and development department.

The main purpose of the proposed project is to make upgrades and improvements to the Riordan information systems and workflow processes in order to make them a more efficient and productive organization. Computer and information systems technology will be implemented to make changes in the inventory and manufacturing system. Inventory management can be improved at all company locations.

Concentrating on inventory will improve shipping, receiving, and vastly improve the stocking of plastics. The key is procuring a system capable of tracking items manufactured. The current methodology used by Riordan Manufacturing to handle receiving, inventorying, and tracking of raw materials is inefficient and out of date compared to their competitors.

The receiving process of manually checking the products delivered against the day's delivery schedule and updating the inventory system at the end of the day means that the manufacturing area will not know for several hours if required manufacturing raw materials have arrived and will lose productivity scheduling manufacturing activities for that day due to a lack of information from the shipping and receiving department.

The shipping system also has weaknesses similar to the inventory system. The inventory usage system and finish product manufacturing inventory is a manual process that requires employees to update two separate tracking sheets. The...