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History 102

Research Project Guide


History has attracted much exciting research. Unfortunately, in a survey class, we are unable to look closely at many of these new studies. This is your chance to read some of this research and pursue your own interests at the same time. You will be completing a research paper on a topic that you choose yourself (with my approval) based on sources that you use to get your information (also based on my approval).

1. Topic Choice

When you choose your topic, I strongly urge that you select a topic that truly interests you. This is your opportunity to shape the course to your interests, to devote some special attention to something you think is truly important. You can use your textbook to help you find a topic, a great place to begin your search. The textbook can also guide you to acceptable sources on your topic.

Although there are few restrictions on your choice of a topic, I do ask that you research something covered by the title of this course.

2. Sources

You must consult at least two sources in researching this project (one of which must be a book). I would like you to use only academic sources , those common to college-level research. This means that the book should be printed by an academic publisher (preferably by a university or nationally known press). Encyclopedias, Wikipedia, Time-Life Books, text books, books assigned for this class, and popular magazines are not acceptable.

Please note. I assume that you will be able to get the sources you list on your approval form. I expect that these are the sources you will use for your research and that you will cite both in your final paper. If you substitute sources (especially web sites) without...