The Rise of The SS

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The rise of the SS can be traced to the need for an elite body guard for Adolf Hitler. The SS developed into the elite soldiers in the different areas of the armed services. How did the rise of the SS, particularly the training and creation, lead to their brutal effectiveness?

The SS was an offspring of the SA, the 'Sturmabteilung--Storm Detachment' (Höhne 17). The SA, originally designed as a guard for Hitler, developed into a strong force with definite military implications. Hitler's specific body guards were called the Sturmabteilung Hitler. Germany's Chief of Staff, Joachim Hoffman made the decision that the SA was too powerful a unit to just protect Hitler, and it had higher aspirations. Loyal followers of Hitler remained with him and formed the Stabswache, headquarters guard, which was to wear the black uniforms that would later characterize the SS. A new guard the Stosstrupp Adolf Hitler, assault squad, headed by former SA members sprang up to take the place of the Stabswache (Höhne 16-21).

After the failed Beer Hall Putsch, Röhm expanded the SA to about 30,000 men. Hitler 'categorically refused' (Höhne 22) to allow theM to be under the control of the SA leaders by the political leaders. Röhm did not agree and therefore he and Hilter split. Hitler felt that there was a need for there to be a bodyguard unit of such unending loyalty that they would be willing 'to march against their own brothers' (Höhne 23). Hitler's choice for the leader of the new guard was Julius Schreck, a former member of the Assault Squad. They named the new guard the Schutzstaffel, the SS. Together, they picked the other members from the old rosters of the Assault Squad and the headquarters guard (Höhne 22-24). The SS was thus created.

The SS...