Risk Management Cycle

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Risk Management Cycle

Plans of risk assessment and management are essential to successful discharge and community care for the rapidly increasing population of children and their families. According to Aufseeser-Weiss (2000), "risk management is an objective strategy that seeks to eliminate or decrease the chances of financial loss and legal action. Risk management focuses on an actual mistake, an accident, or a potential similar occurrence". It needs to be considered at various levels and the theories applied to a number of areas embracing both clinical and environmental risk. The positive and negative characteristics of taking risks must be considered, but in general the approach for these children requires a creative attitude, in partnership with parents, aimed at enabling the achievement of ordinary childhoods. "Children are at a higher risk for medical error than other patients and also may be more vulnerable to harm when errors are made because of their immature physiology."

(Hughes & Edgerton 2005)

The business of health care is, by its very nature, is full of risks. Risk management is about providing an appropriate structure and opportunities for health workers and parents to make informed decisions, use correct result and make choices from a range of choices. The in-charge of every institute has overall responsibility for risk management, but managing risk is a responsibility for all members working within and across institutes. When we discuss the case of private and voluntary providers, we see that clinical responsibility remains with the referring doctor, while risk management concerning services and resources is the responsibility of the private/voluntary provider. In practice, many team members who work in multi-agency partnerships to deliver a package of services find it favorable to develop joint approaches to risk management. According to Colling (2009), all members of a team should understand the concept of HVA.