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The talented musical band, Athlete, performed a spectacular show at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Athlete, a South London group, is comprised of Carey Willets (bass player), Joel Pott (vocals and guitar), Steve Roberts (drums), and Tim Wanstall (keyboard). The band's genre is mainly experimental indie rock associated with the 8th beat of rock and roll. Most of their musical instruments they play are influenced by the African American culture such as the guitar, drums and bass. Originating from London, Athlete was very popular with the BBC radio station. During 2002, they signed with Regal Recordings where BBC praised Athlete's first single, "Westside," as the Record of the Week. "Several months later, 'You Got Style' went Top 40 and opening dates with other songs such as Mansun, the Polyphonic Spree, Electric Soft Parade, and Simian" followed into the next year with great popularity (Athlete). Also during 2003, they gained great success in releasing their debut album called Vehicles and Animals.

Although they were famous in the United States, they remained on top in London when their second album, "Tourist, which released in 2005 went to number one on the UK charts" (Wikipedia). Overall, some of the biggest influences in their music career are "Flaming Lips and Neil Young who achived a balance between a grand sound and a lyrical intimacy" (Athlete). These artists also reflect a rock genre associated with an upbeat rhythm.

Lively, Ecstatic and Exhilarating are the words I can describe the Athlete concert that took place in the gigantic arena center in Dallas, Texas. Walking up to the door of the rock concert to hand the doorman my tickets and identification, he marks my hands with X's to verify that I am under 21 since there is a restaurant/bar located near the concert...