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The "Rock" aka Dwayne Johnson is by far the most impressive wrestler in the WWF. He is probably the best in the business right now. If you don't read his book he will lay the smack down on you.

His life was really bad when he was a kid because he used to get picked on for being a really tall and strong guy. But he stuck it out and proved that he could make something of his life. The book explains how much it takes to become a wrestler and all the hard obstacles it takes to make it. You never get to see your family if you have one so it is a really hard thing to do if you become a wrestler. You are on the road basically every night of the week. The only days you get off are on the holidays and somethimes you don't even get that.

Throughout the book The Rock talks about how he got into the WWF. His dad was also a wrestler. His name was Chief Maivia, that is how the Rock got into wrestling. He joined a number of groups to become what he has today. He has encountered a number of injuries to become number one. He has held a bunch of WWF Titles in his eight year run in the WWF. So for Rock his life has gotten a lot better ever since he was a kid and he has proved that he made something of his life.