The role of any reform in the life of society

Essay by njutka September 2004

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Probably everyone knows what the word 'reform' means, but definitions will definitely differ.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines it as a change made to a system or organization, in order to improve or remove unfairness.

But do we always think about improving, making life and world better, equality and fairness when we hear this word being repeated again and again on TV, radio, and reading it in newspapers and magazines?

I am a member of society, so I think I have rights to give answer for this question from my point of view; what this word mean for me personally and what role it does play in my life.

In my opinion, in general, people are very vulnerable, and easy-to-hurt creatures. We all live our lives in different ways, some of us like their personal life style; some are trying to change or to add something, to make life more colorful and exciting.

But any change, let it be good or bad, at first is a stress. It takes time to recover, to get used to the new situation, to adapt for the new conditions. When you change your hair colour, it takes you a day to get used to it. When you change your eyes colour, it takes you a week to get used to the new look of the reflection in the mirror. But how much can it take to recover when you are forced to change language? It is not very correct to say 'to change language'. No one can make you think in other language, or make you love it, unless you want it yourself.

Remember your school years. I bet most of us will smile at one thought of a sports teacher or chemistry lessons, when something was exploding and burning. And now...