The Roles of Arabic Teachers and Supervisors in the Reform of Arabic Language Instruction.

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The Roles of Arabic Teachers and Supervisors in the Reform of Arabic Language Instruction.

Abdelrahman Kamel Abdelrahman Mahmoud

Associate Professor

Department of Curricula & Methodology ( Arabic Major )

Faculty of Education in Fayoum ,Cairo University , Egypt


Abstract :

In its quest for quality education in the new millennium, the Ministry of Education in Egypt has expended tremendous efforts to improve the status of Arabic language instruction in pre-university education .

Several measures have been undertaken to achieve this goal, chief among them the recent multimillion Egyptian project of revising and modernizing the curriculum for Arabic language taught in all stages (elementary, intermediate and secondary) and private schools.

This paper will investigate the amount and scope of involvement of Arabic language teachers and supervisors in this important educational reform and their perceptions of such reform vis-a-vis their awareness of the place that the Arabic language occupies in Egyptian plans for national development.

The paper will also seek the opinions of such teachers and supervisors on the feasibility of this latest development in light of the Ministry's plans to conduct a national forum on the ever-recurring question of the value of Arabic language instruction in the country's public schools at an earlier stage, namely, the elementary school, and the effects that this measure would entail on the structure, sequence and content of Arabic language curriculum, on teacher training and related matters.

Key-Words:Roles Arabic Teachers Supervisors Reform Language Instruction

1 Introduction

In 1994, a new revision of the curriculum of Arabic was adopted and new teaching materials were prepared to implement it. This currently-used curriculum has introduced various changes and delineated general and specific objectives of Arabic language teaching in Egypt in more realistic and functional terms.

The continuous drive for quality education has led the Ministry of Education...