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"A Rose for Emily"

A Rose for Emily dealt with a story that reflected on a woman's life in the past. The story revolves around a few characters including the protagonist of the story Ms. Emily herself, her Negro servant, and her lover of some sort Homer Baron. The Point of view is told by somebody who obviously knew Ms. Emily or was related to her in some way or fashion. The setting is held in probably around the lifetime of the author maybe in the late 1800's or early 1900's. The tone that the story is told in to me felt a little mournful as the narrator was reminiscing.

The Story's plot dealt with one stubborn ladies will to just live life without too much concern for other people. Ignoring what people said and refusing to confront society were just some steps in pulling this off.

This woman was making her life miserable to make everyone else miserable. She never did anything that the town really expected of her, (like the killing of her lover) and by doing that the town basically grew to show her more attention. A Struggle to be no one ends up being a life to be remembered by many.

Although this story was not an autobiographical story the story could portray one. A lot of Autobiographical stories more people will look at and tend to relate to while works of fiction people will sometimes just visualize themselves in it. If this story was to really happen, I doubt too many people would look towards it as a story or a life of a woman with too much impact. If anything they just see a woman who does not want to accomplish too much and would not make for a good autobiography.