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  • More definition on steady state

    i was looking for some more info on the steady state model... .you explained only a little bit about it i believe
    • 21/12/2004
    • 13:21:10
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  • Ok....but needed more substsance

    This essay was ok..... i think you coulda clarified a little more about the neo-nazi / neo nazi alliance and also i think it would of been nice if you talked about Black white supremacists, the Aryan Nation, The Laws and legalities that faced both blacks and whites in times of certain white supremacy eras. lets not forget also the effect of the reconstruction, jim crow laws, black codes, 13th 14th and 15 ammendments..... there are many things you could of added to this making it a perfect paper.... ok though
    • 15/12/2004
    • 11:52:55
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  • Black hole theorem

    i liked the essay... i know i wanted to do something on black holes before but i did not. i liked the ending as well...sort of cliche to it. i wish you had explained more about the white holes because i found that very intriguing. I feel like i want to do some reasearch on that because i never knew such a thing was speculated on. As far as the black hole sucking in our galaxy...... i dont know.... i think it might suck itself in before it thinks about us.... alltogether though neat essay.
    • 15/12/2004
    • 09:16:37
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  • Going to try to reform this one

    yea...i think i'm gonna reform this...i was giving a summary kind of.... i'm going to see if i can do this one over though
    • 14/12/2004
    • 21:51:17
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