S.E. Hinton The Outsiders

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The outsiders is a book about three brothers. They live by themselves and are called greasers. They live in a place which is very gang related, they get into fights non-stop since they are greasers. Johnny and ponyboy are best friends and do alot together. One night after comming back from the movies johnny and ponyboy were sitting outside watching the stars. He fell asleep and came back home late. When he came home his brother hit him and he ran away. leter that night Soc's had attacked them and they ended up killing one. So they went into another state hoping police wouldnt find them. After a couple weeks of living in the church, a fire broke out and they had rescued some kids. They had gotten such bad burns that they had to be taken to the hospital.. where Johnny had died. Towards the end of the book Ponyboy had lost another friends who had been gun down by the police..

all he had left were his brothers and he was Now a HERO for saving the childrens lives.. without him they wouldnt have made it. This is a pretty good book and it goes into detail. I would recommend it to anyone who likes reading books about reality and surviving in the world.