It's Your Choice : Make It a Smart One. -- Assignment: Need to connvince someone in starting a business with me

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I am writing this letter to present to you the opportunity of a lifetime. I have an idea that is sure to bring you and your family success and happiness. I, along with my colleagues have decided to start a business that would provide a service, which others want but do not necessarily have. We have great expectations that this business will not only be successful but will have a promising future, also. We are writing you this letter in hopes of your help. We feel as if we would be able to make excellent profit by providing a quality dessert and coffee. This business in which we are planning to start would be known as "Today's Café." This would be a wonderful business where customers would be able to either socialize or read a book and just relax by the separation of our two rooms. In order to fulfill our business needs, we will have to use all necessary factors of production.

Since we have decided to start this business on our own, we will be declared entrepreneurs. We will also need plenty of capital to begin this company because it produces goods and requires a newly renovated facility. Together we have enough to begin the business but if it doesn't take off right away, we could be in a jam. A loan has been applied for but it will take a few weeks to find out if we've been approved. Natural and Human resources will also be necessary for the coffee factory. We are in the process of making a deal to purchase our coffee from a plantation in Columbia. Supply and demand will have an important role in our business. We will have to monitor the customer consumption so we can have the proper supply available. We...