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Green and Clean inc. is a lawn care corporation headquartered at 11 Seventh Street, Pelham, NY 10803 in a 100 square foot office. We offer a series of lawn development and upkeep programs devoting attentions to every aspect of turf grass culture. These include lawn maintenance, landscaping, composting, lawn aeration, irrigation services, water saving programs, spot re-seeding, total lawn renovation, soil testing, disease control, de-thatching, grub control, and lime application. All our products and services are positioned at the high end of the market in terms quality, and the mid to small scale end in terms of size and price. What sets us apart from other businesses is we are 100% customer service oriented. Green and Clean inc. will provide residential lawn care and maintenance services which include lawn cutting, edging and trimming. Optional services will be available upon customers' requests. The service is typically offered once a week, but we can create a custom schedule for clients if they have beginning of the season projects, or if the weather alters their lawn care needs.

Disease control as well as grub control also forms a part of our primary services offered. Different plans are available for different categories of customers. Some homeowners may wish to use fertilizer, but no herbicides or insecticides applied to their lawns. Some like to apply fertilizer themselves, but would rather have a lawn care service apply the appropriate controls for weed, insect, or disease problems. Therefore we offer flexibility in our servicing, thus catering to all service requirements of the customer. We also provide corrective applications as a free service if the customer is not satisfied. Green and Clean inc. is a residential lawn care service targeting rural as well as urban middle-class homes with small to mid size yards, too small for the classic...