Scarcity and limited resources- Main problem of today's world When does a want become a need? What is scarcity?

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When does a want become a need?

For all living things, a need is something that you need for survival. In the case of humans, our basic needs to survive are food, water, clothing and shelter to survive. These are our basic needs which most of us take for granted. For this reason we mistake things that we want as needs as it is human nature to want more. A want is something that is not necessary for survival but helps to make our lives more comfortable and luxurious such as the lastest electrical gadgets, television, car, furniture, computers, designer clothing, different types of food and a good job that we enjoy and one that pays well and holidays.

In certain third world countries, there are people who struggle to have their basic needs in order survive such as water and food. They may not have basic hygiene and their water and food may be contaminated, or the food is so basic that it does not contain the vitamins and minerals needed to keep healthy.

The medical aid and supplies may also be scarce. They may not have warm clothes to keep them warm. Also there are various reasons why this situation arises. It could caused by natural disasters such as floods, volcanoes where people's homes, possessions are all destroyed and in some instances such as the town of Kuch in India

What is scarcity?

If something is scarce - it will have value. It is all about supply and demand and a good example of this property. In good areas, there is more demand as people want to live in that area and therefore the prices go up. Houses in poor areas are less expensive as there are more houses for sale as people do not choose...