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Schema theory and cognitive development

a) Discuss the main implications for teaching and learning

b) Use your own detailed example to show how an understanding of this topic can positively influence instruction in a classroom of students with a range of abilities

Schema theory is a significant manufacture in both cognitive and social psychology. Schema theory and investigation from the cognitive development have been productively in the education study. The implications for improving social studies education are drawn, in specific recognizing key ideas by using graphical concepts in the instruction and examine students on their "prior knowledge". A perception of changes between the children's of different ages referring to the characteristics of the cognitive development structures and the developments that have been suggested. "The effects of schema and cognitive development are based on attention, perception, Memory and interpretation".

Schema theory clarifies the role of background knowledge in approach that comprehension and explains how readers regain or the concept of the meaning from their own pre-existing knowledge and past experiences.

As a teacher it is crucial to realize that student can memorize substantial amount of new information only if they are able to cluster it with related existing abstract structure. The schemata for each Student will be different from other students even for the teacher him/her self. Art teachers must design instructional techniques that are steady rooted in these understandings. The best way for a teacher to stimulate the appropriate method for the student is by the more conscious assembles of new existing ideas to take place. For Example; teachers will introduce a lesson on a well-known artiest, for a teacher to stimulate students to think about their own past experience, memories, stories and principles of the lesson. If the teacher used this technique, it will provide the students with the...