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Military Spending in America Imagine this. The year is 2008 and the United States of America is suddenly attacked by Iraqi's land, sea, and air forces. But, the U.S. has the best army in the world right? Wrong. The U.S. has thousands of soldiers on welfare and are unable to fight but people still want to cut their budget. The military holds the fate of our country in their hands and if we don't give them money to run it, it will be a gigantic loss for the United States.

There is no doubt that there is controversy about military spending. There are soldiers on welfare that are starving, homeless, and have no jobs other than the military. A reason military funding is needed is that at least 10 other countries in the world such as France, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Israel, Iraq, Britain, and India have nuclear power.

( Observation ) To add to that five out of the ten countries aren't that fond of the United States, because of all of the wars we have waged with them. Consequently now that there are nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons the United States is high at risk. The United States spends lots of money on the Star Wars missile defense system. The system when finished will be able to shoot down any chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon shot at us using space technology like satellites and lasers (The War Divided) . (Example) The U.S. needs to protect themselves and their allies from a possible attack or war and for that they need the people of America to pay the way. But according to some people the U.S. has already paid the way a few times.

Instead of war why don't we help the environment? The government spends too much on the military already. Each yeah the military spends 75 billion dollars on projects that are either shut down or stopped (Landay 62). (Fact) Those 75 billion dollars could go to something better such as global issues such as hunger and poverty. Some say that national defense is not needed and not wanted by the people. Citizens say everyone is scared of the United States and if we go to war we already have enough weapons to fight with. The United States is not alone though, the world spends 18.5 billion dollars on weapons every 2 weeks (Landay 63). (Fact) That's enough spending to provide food, water, shelter, and education for the whole world. If the U.S. government didn't spend as much money on the military the U.S. would be a cleaner and more peaceful nation.

I think people that don't want to spend money on the military haven't been brought up right or just haven't seen all the carnage over that past 60 years. From WW2 to The Kosovo affair the United States has been involved. From paying for supplies to actually putting American lives on the line. And how many of those times could we have been attacked and had no money, then what? Imagine having Nazi's walking the streets or having Sadaam Hussein controlling us. The less money provided for the military means fewer soldiers, tanks, boats, airplanes, supplies, and we would even have to get rid of the NASA space program. All of the projects that failed or were stopped were for a good reason too. If they didn't perform these projects the United States would be last in the nuclear arms race and countries like China and Russia would dominate us. Just remember all the men that paid with their lives for our country and now you can help by paying with your tax dollar.

If we do not pay money to the military, soldiers will be homeless, NASA will shut down, and the United States of America will crumble if we go to war. None of these would happen if you just do what the constitution says and pay taxes. I don't understand why people complain about non-controversial issues like military spending when the United States is fighting a war against drunk driving, drugs, and murderers. So help the U.S. government and pay up to the military or suffer the consequence of our national security.