Science and Religion

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Kylie J. Jackson

Dr. Donatien Cicura

World Religions 1100

16 February 2014

Religion and Science

As there seems to be something, a person, organization, or even idea, in conflict with something else, humans have a need for explaining how the world and the universe work in the space in which it resides. There is a constant need for an observatory glance and a definitive truth for what is right and wrong. Because of this, religion and science were created to come to an idea that will explain how the world came to be and "solve" the world's problems. The conflict of "religion and science" or "religion or science" is solved by science and religion being "mutually exclusive" to one another.


Religion is extremely difficult to define, because of its ambiguities within different cultures, but scholars have devised a working definition to "satisfy" the need for a definition. The definition is, "Religion is human transformation in response to perceived ultimacy.

(Young, 4)" Religion tends to be more subjective due to the importance of faith. Religion deals with the spiritual and supernatural world, which is not a world humans are said to know, through experience. In the same sense, science was created as way explain the world's origin and to solve the world's problems using experimentation, which shows an event that is measured by its time and its reaction, and chance, which shows the probability of what may happen in any given time. Science is objective because of the need to provide facts and proof to a problem. It deals with the material world, that one can be said to know, through experimentations.


When there is a thought of religion and science, one thinks of creationism and evolution as one of the most ongoing conflicts. It seems that the conflict...