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Background information

Mark Chan had spent the past six years working overseas and Mark's past international experience helped him to get the job at Energem, a diversified, global company with market-leading positions in a number of industries. Headquartered in the UK. By the end of his third year at Energem Mark was offered a three-year international assignment opportunity at the corporate headquarters in London. The job was another promotion and he would now be part of the company's senior management. This was a great opportunity and with the expatriate benefits package and Mark's wife Linda would not have to work and could stay at home with their two children who were still very young. She could always go back to work as a private banker when they returned to Singapore. This assignment would be a big stepping stone for Mark's career when he returned.

Mark had very little trouble settling into his new position, his past experience as an expatriate had equipped him well. He and his family quickly adapted to life in the English country side and with his salary plus the benefits they were able to afford to a very comfortable lifestyle. They made many friends both inside the company as well as in the community.

The time has come for Mark and his family to decide if they want to return to Singapore or ask to stay in London. Mark has been trying to find a suitable position within Energem that would allow him to maintain his current level in the management program but nothing has been offered. But Mark have been out of the loop and there is not a position waiting for him when he want to return. Mark and his family can...