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Proposal for Maintenance on Drinking Fountain Units

A Proposal


Lex Deo R. Esposo

Joshua A. Lorin



February 24, 2014

For the

Columban College Staff Department

Proposal Document

Proposal for Maintenance on Drinking Fountain Units

1. Introduction

This document proposes a response. It is about the some Drinking Fountain all over the campus. Some drinking fountain are not working, others look like they are not safe because of the filter that is turning into Green because of the moss. Although some looks normal, you can tell that there is something different because of the taste.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this proposal is to have an adequate water to drink as stated in the "Code of Sanitation of the Philippines - DOH", Chapter VI School Sanitation and Health services.

1.2 Background

This problem needs an immediate response especially now. Columban College is under accreditations and being frequently visited by accreditors.

It is not wise to have issues regarding maintenance and adequate sanitation.

1.3 Scope

This proposal addresses only maintaining and adding few units of drinking fountains. This proposal does not include disposal of the old units, unless they are defective.

2. Discussion

2.1 Approach

Drinking fountain should be check regularly by maintenance personnel to ensure that the water is safe and functional. It should also be cleaned at least once a day, check water ways, remove any build ups and disinfect the mouthpiece

2.2 Result

The campus will have better facilities.

The students will have access to clean water with these drinking fountains.

Better and Proper Health Care.

2.3 Statement of Work

Task 1: During class hours. The Drinking fountain should be check once every 3-6 hours by a maintenance personnel.

Task 2: The drinking fountain should be cleaned once a day .

Task 3: There should be...