"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" by James Thurber.

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A lot of people think that secret lives are good and amusing. However a character in the story, Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, has many unusual thoughts and daydreams that are not real. Mr.Mitty lives with his wife. She is always bossing him around and making him do things that he seems he doesn't want to do. Mitty's daydreams hurt him in both mental and even physical ways. If Mr.Mitty will daydream all the time he will not be able to take a positive action in his life. I will explain both of these ideas in the following paragraphs.

First of all Mitty's daydreams can affect his relations with others. As Mitty hides in his daydream he is prevented from improving the relationship with his wife and daydreaming also affects his life by not allowing him to deal with real life problems. One of these problems is that his wife threats him as a child and is always bossing him around.

She never asks him to do something, she only tells him. An example of that would be the time in the story when Mrs. Mitty treats Mr. Mitty inconsiderately, because she tells him to wait outside the store and that she would be only one minute, but takes much longer as told by the character. On another occasion when they are driving to get Mrs. Mitty's hair done, she is telling Walter what his speed should be.

Secondly, Walter Mitty might get hurt physically. One example of that would be in the beginning of the story when they were driving to get Mrs. Mitty's hair done. Mr. Mitty had his first daydream in the car about flying on a Navy hydroplane. Mrs. Mitty broke his daydream by telling him to slow down, because...