Self Exploration 3: My Dog Max/Timmy

Essay by sardiddle April 2006

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Learning Log #4

I got my dog, Max (also known as Timmy), when I was sixteen years old. He is a 120-pound Doberman pinscher. Upon first glance, one's instinct tells them to run. However, he is the sweetest animal in the world. He is my gentle giant. Although dogs are known for chasing cats, Timmy loves my sister's cat, Melfee, and she loves him. There have been many occasions that I have seen Melfee rub her scent on Timmy's face. I have even seen the two of them cuddling in Timmy's kennel. What did I do in raising him that made him so sweet? Was he born sweet? Nature versus nurture?

I wonder if I could ever love another animal or even possible future child, as much as I love this dog. Every night when I go to sleep, Timmy runs into my bedroom and jumps eagerly onto my bed.

He lets out a huge sigh when he first lays down, which always makes me laugh.

Sometimes I have bad dreams about Timmy dying and I always wake up crying. Even though I have been with my boyfriend for over two years, I only recently spent the night at his house because I have such a hard time sleeping without my dog. Still, I brought a framed picture of Timmy and placed it on my side of the bed so that I could look at him if I got sad. I do not know what it is that made me bond with this dog to the extent that I did. I wonder what makes a person bond with one animal over another.