September 11, 2004

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September 11, 2001, was the most horrific and unbelievable day in America.

No matter how bad you want to forget it, you will always remember where you were on that day. You will always remember seeing 2, 110 story buildings crash to the ground, knowing thousands were inside including rescuers. I would never have believed this would happen in my lifetime. I, like many others, was scared. My life, my feelings, my beliefs, and my world have been changed forever. People I don't even know changed everything in my world in a matter of hours. I felt as if someone was kicking me in the stomach and the pain went all the way to my heart.

On September 11, a United Airlines flight left Boston for Los Angeles. There were 56 passengers aboard. Shortly after takeoff the plane was hijacked by an organized group of terrorists, and the pilot was forced to fly to New York City. On the same day, another flight left Boston to Los Angeles with 81 passengers. Shortly after the plane was in flight, it was also hijacked and turned toward New York City. Now we have two planes loaded with human lives flying like a missile into the Twin Towers.

At about the same time of the morning, a third plane carrying 38 passengers left New Jersey headed for San Francisco. This plane was hijacked and turned towards Washington D. C., where it was flown straight into the Pentagon building. Everyone aboard the plane was killed, and many people in the Pentagon were also killed upon impact. One whole side of the Pentagon was destroyed.

Unfortunately, there was a fourth plane, which would also be used as a weapon against America. This plane, which carried 58 passengers left Washington Airport, headed Los...