Will sex set us free?

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Will sex set us free?

A review of sexual freedom in the opening short of

Rebecca Miller's "Personal Velocity"

- Crysty Linkenhoker



Basic extreme feminism

A child has no pre-determined gender identity upon birth

Women are socialized into developing dual lives

The beginning of male dominance

Marxist and democratic ideologies as a basis for extreme feminism

Feminism pioneers

Dora Black

Polygamous nature of all human beings

Social contracts of marriage and parenting

Simone de Beauvoir

Religion used to oppress women

Delia, an example of extreme feminism

Identified with boys in school

Freely sexual at an early age with multiple partners

Struggled to maintain a monogamous marriage with children

Escaped from marriage for sake of children (parenting contract)

Refuted social engineering of friends and professionals

Returned to true self (freedom) and open sexual activity


Does extreme feminism encourage promiscuity?�

The basic concepts of feminism are familiar to us all.

Women are equal to men. Women can do the same work that men do. Women should be free to control their own destiny, just as men. Women should have access to birth control in order to control their own destinies. Women should not be subjugated or abused because of their gender. Women should have access to the same education and opportunities as men.

Extreme feminism adds to these basics a few more controversial viewpoints. Extreme feminism embraces the concept that human beings, both male and female are not monogamous creatures. We are not meant to be monogamous and should not be socialized into such constraints. Extreme feminism also posits that a child, while born with a biological sex, has no gender identity upon birth. It is society that creates and develops the boy or girl in us all. Modern feminists also believe that the development of the 'Super...