Sex on Teenage Years.

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Teenagers that have entered to puberty are exploring their sexuality and it can be a confusing time. About 70% of boys and about 50% of girls between the ages of fourteen and seventeen had sex already. To have sex during teenage years bring three serious consequences, such as teen pregnancy, venereal diseases, and low self-esteem.

First of all, when a teenager is pregnant, begins to confront a new life. A pregnant girl have to private herself of go to parties or go out with her friends on weekends like any other normal girl do. Also, she will feel different and will live different experiences than her friends because her body will suffer changes, such as her skin, her hair, and her emotional stability. Moreover, she has to begin to work full time because with a child her expenses will increase, for example in her budget she will need to consider the milk, pampers, special food, cloths, and medical assistant for her and her baby.

In addition, probably she will have problems to complete her school responsibilities for the reason that the baby becomes first than school. For instance, her duties on each day will be more difficult to complete. Such as if she is working in a full time job, she will need a baby sitter, and if she wants to study, the only time that she has to do it is during the nights and the baby also sometimes can bother her on nights. For all of these reasons teen pregnancy is a principal consequence during these times between teenagers that have sex at early years.

Second, venereal diseases are other grave consequence to teenagers who begins a sexual activity at early years. Some of these diseases are HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis. Gonorrhea is a disease that...