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I've been to many of my friends' houses and I've seen many of theirs bedrooms. Some of them used the classic style; the others used the modern one in decorating their bedrooms. However, Shada's modern bedroom was the most beautiful bedroom in all of my friends'. It was the best in its sized, arranged and its decorated.

Her room was extremely huge that I've never ever seen any bigger bedroom than Shada's room. The room's length is 7 meter and 6.8 meter width, so it was almost a large square shaped. The room was very big that Shada could bring another two of her same sized furniture. Also, the high of the walls was perfect because it made the room looked much bigger.

Beside its sized, the arranging of the room was excellent. She put everything in their exact places. Even the small stuff were in the right location, like the clock which was hanging on the front wall that anyone sitting in any side of the room will see the time when he or she needs to.

On the right side was the king size bed, in the middle between the small white night table and its match dresser with its framed mirror. Next to the dresser was the woody large five-spaced cupboard. On the other corner near the window was the studying desk, so she can have much light while she's studying.

The most attractive spot in her room was its decoration. The walls were painted with nice, smooth and light turquoise. The Italian modern white furniture was fabulous. The curtains were striped lengthwise with white, light yellow and turquoise. The floor was covered with light yellow wool carpet that goes perfectly with the whole room. The bed blanket that she bought from Germany was dark...