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I'm in trouble, thought Kenji, but that wasn't anything new - you get used to trouble when you're the Japanese Mafia's most notorious hired killer. Kenji retreated back into the shadows and unsheathed his katana, the katana that has earned him the respected name 'Shadowblade' among his peers. The reason for this was twofold: before a kill he would blacken his blade with the smoke from a candle to prevent the brightness of the steel alerting his victim. The other reason was the dexterity with which he wielded it - none had gone against him and lived to tell about it.

He voided his mind and calmed his thoughts, preparing for the onslaught that was to come. Which he knew would come, because Kenji had taken the wrong assignment, killed the wrong person. He had been commissioned a job to kill a powerful enemy of the Yakuza, but this powerful enemy had had powerful friends, and now they demanded payback - in blood.

There was now a $2,000,000 reward for anyone who brought these powerful friends his head, and a family that been holding a grudge against him for far too long now had decided to 'cash in' on the reward money.

He sensed a sound up ahead and he crouched down into the shadows of an alley to wait, mind calm and katana bared and ready. The attack came fast, Kenji counted 5 of them at least, all armed with night vision goggles and glimmering swords - swords, he guessed, that had been treated with poison to make sure he wouldn't even survive a flesh wound. As the first of them attacked he leapt backwards and kicked out at the wall behind him, performing a flip that sent him over the heads of his...