"The Shadowed Man Part Two" Please see part one for more details.

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A panicked scream rumbled in my throat. I saw a gleam in the shadowed black man's eye. The gray fog pressed against the windows outside. I dropped the phone with a crash and pulled myself backwards, tumbling over the low-backed sofa that lay at the edge of the gray carpeted family room. The thump of the ground took all the wind out of me, and my vision went blurry as the man leaned over me.

I found myself awake in a room unfamiliar to me. I lay on a hard concrete floor, surrounded by gray cell walls. Black bars were to the left of me, and I rolled over to look out them. A hall full of cells lined the walls, and for a moment I believed I was in jail.

The man who had came into my home sat at the far end of the hallway, leaning back in his chair, and smoking a pipe.

He had removed his black coat and combed his wide beard and hair. He didn't look as frightening as before, and I felt the erge to attack him. I stood, and pushed against the bars, rattling them, wanting freedom. No windows were contained in my cell. Just a small bed and toilet.

"Hey! You! Shut up down there!" The man roared at me as my ratting continued.

Thick footsteps thomped up the hallway and the male peered at me through the bars.

"Shut you're rattlin' girl. You ain't here for music class, are ya?" He chuckled, as is he had made a hysterical joke.

I tried to reply, but my voice got caught in my throut. Fear filled my body, but at the same time another emotion came too. Anger. I knew it well, how many times had I gotten mad...