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All great sports teams have a similar theme called the one-two punch. The one-two punch means that there are two great players on the team. The Los Angeles Lakers always had a guard-center combo. From the West-Chamberlain, the Magic-Kareem, and the Shaq-Kobe tandems the Lakers have always seemed to win. The most intriguing duo is the Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant combo. Many people call Shaq and Kobe "ShaKobe", because they score the majority of their points for their team, and dominate the court. However, don't let the name ShaKobe deceive you. Although they both score a lot of points, they are two very different players.

Shaq is a 7'1", 315 pound center. He is an overwhelming body for the opposing team, both on the offensive and defensive ends of the basketball court. On the offensive end, Shaq is averaging 26.5 points a game and is shooting 53.4

percent from the field. Shaq has a limited offensive array that consists of hook shots, lay-ups, and dunks. Because Shaq is so big and powerful he can overpower his defender and get the easy bucket. At times Shaq is double and triple teamed. When Shaq is guarded heavily he will pass the ball to one of his teammates. This season Shaq averages 3.0 assists a game. Passing the ball to his teammates when he is double or tripled team allows open shots for his teammates. Shaq is also averaging 4.4 offensive rebounds a game. These rebounds allow Shaq to have an easy shot opportunity or to pass the ball to an open teammate.

Shaq is just as overpowering on the defensive end of the court. He averages 7.2 defensive rebounds, .85 steals, and 2.92 blocks a game. However, Shaq's mere presence in the paint intimidates...