Shamrock Hill--An essay on the center of my world.

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Shamrock Hill

There is a hill in my old neighborhood that my friends and I would always play at. Now that I am maturing into an adult, I need the little memories to remind me what I was like as a kid. I sat up on top the lush green hill last summer while my mind wandered over all the houses in my neighborhood. I loved the feeling that overtook me as I sat up there clearing all thoughts from my clustered head. Pushing aside pressures from my parents to meet their standards that seem impossible to me. I use to be able to see over the houses all the way to the hospital. But now, the small city of Idaho Falls has grown and it has also become clustered like my head.

When I was younger my friends and I practically lived in Shamrock Park with the legendary big hill.

The big hill expanded my imagination and provided me with memories for the rest of my life. My friends and I would race bikes up and down the hill seeing who could make it down the fastest without peddling. We use to roll head over feet to level ground until we couldn't see straight. I realized that as I got older, it became harder to roll down the hill more than once without feeling sick.

When the weather was nice we would ride our bikes to the gas station kiddy corner from our neighborhood to buy the biggest ice blocks we could afford. The summer was the perfect time to go ice blocking. It took me a few runs down the hill to grasp the idea of ice blocking. You actually sit on a block of ice, as crazy as that sounds, and ride on it down...