Short essay about how the invention of the internet has made the biggest impact on he world in the last 50 years

Essay by jacquioh! May 2005

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In the last 50 years, I believe the internet has had the most impact on the world. The internet has changed the way we communicate, research, advertise, and shop. It has also been one of the most quickly advancing inventions ever made.

Since the invention of the telephone nothing has compared in the field of communications. With the introduction to the internet brought a new wave of communicating. From chat rooms to email and instant messaging, the internet has provided the world with a whole new way to stay in touch with family and friends and even make new ones.

Internet has also made great strides in the way the world researches and studies. There are numerous sites on almost every topic possible. More and more students rely on the internet for research papers and school projects. Books are being pushed aside for the quick reliable sources found on the internet.

Companies are always looking for a place to advertise. The internet is the perfect source. Almost every site includes banners and pop-ups from advertisers. They use it as a new way for media to reach out to the public. Luckily for them it has been a great way to draw in consumers.

There are various online shopping sites. One can buy anything from groceries to clothing to patio furniture. Many retail stores, such as Sears, have opened online stores in order for consumers to be able to shop their store from home.

The internet has become a necessity now more than a luxury. It has had a great impact on our world. Students can use it as a reliable source for their school projects; advertisers, as a source for marketing; and consumers as an easier way to shop. Over the past 50 years this invention has truly...