This is a short essay required for a Cause and Effect paper for Comp 100. It is about working hard at something (in this case, a sport)to fufill your dreams.

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Growing up as a child in my house, I was surrounded by basketball. I had a dad and two brothers who were die-hard basketball fans. So naturally, I also became engrossed in the sport. I joined the intermuralbasketball team as soon as I was old enough, and made a close group of friends with my teammates. When I reached the 6th grade, I joined the school basketball team and my dad took the coaching position. I really enjoyed being on the school team and my friends and I loved all being together so much. We all played together for the next three years until things started to change.

During the course of junior high something happened to my friends that didn't happen to me - they grew. Most of my friends were always slighty taller then me, but now there was a noticeable difference. I began to grow nervous about try-outs for basketball during the summer before starting high school. My dad was no longer going to be coaching and I was competing against girls that were all taller then me.

I was nervous the day of try-outs and I although I played the best I could, I got cut from the team. I was heart-broken. I felt so embarassed and ashamed around my friends and family. My social life went down drastically because all but one of my close friends was on the basketball team. I tried to keep myself busy with other hobbies and activities, but my heart was in basketball. After feeling upset for months, I decided to do something about it. I began to practice on a daily basis. I practiced the drills we did in try-outs, lay-ups and jump shots. My parents and neighbors noticed a difference because they heard the thumping of...