Short one act play on racism.

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Adeeva is standing at the front of the stage to stage right fixing her clothes. Vikki, Emma and Jackie are all still at the back of stage left.

Adeeva- spoken to audience Being a teenager in 2006 is tuff. You have to juggle being a senior, the work load, O.P's, boys. But what's even harder is when you have to juggle your religion with your social status.

Vikki, Emma and Jackie start moving, whispering to each other.

Adeeva starts walking towards stage left slowly, stopping to tie up her shoe lace.

Vikki- Hey girls, look over there. Points towards Adeeva- the other two girls' look- it's amazing she can see where she's going with that thing over her head.

Adeeva stands up straight and looks at the floor

Emma- Yeah, I know, yells Your in Australia now, we don't need anymore of you people, take the cloth off your head and be Australian. Laughs

Jackie- said while giggling- She looks like she couldn't get her shirt all the way over her head.

All 3 girls laugh. Exit stage right.

Adeeva looks over to where girls exited and shakes her head.

Adeeva- that is the type of thing I have to deal with every day... Do you have any idea how annoying that is? Sits down on a chair- Sometimes when I hear people like them speak like that to me, I get angry, but then I think back to what my mother used to tell me freezes

Mother walks in stage right standing facing Adeeva-

Mother- Adeeva my darling, You are a Muslim, you are the daughter of two Muslim Parents but you are first generation Australian. You are beautiful, your are kind and you shall carry on our traditions because you are a confident person. Exits stage...