How to shotgun a beer! The teacher loved this one! It is an explanatory essay written in my freshman year. I had fun doing the research...

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How to shotgun a beer!

First, shotgunning a beer has nothing to do with firearms, the theory is to drink a beer as fast as possible. The origin of the name is unclear, but it seems to be a universally accepted term among college students. Many books and essays have been written on topics such as wine tasting and fine dining, but very little attention has been paid to the art of drinking a beer in less than three seconds. In fact, the only credible reference found after many hours searching the Internet is a website dedicated to beer games . This essay will describe the required items to shotgun a beer, basic rules, example bets, the act itself, and some interesting ideas.

The required items are a knife, many cans of beer, and at least one person, although the more people the better. The knife can be any size as long as it has a sharp tip and can both pierce and cut the can.

The beer need not be any special brand as it will likely not be tasted, as a matter of fact, the cheaper the better. The person should be accustomed to drinking large amounts of liquid without stopping to breath.

The basic rule is simple, whomever consumes the beer the fastest wins. Anyone can instigate a round. If you spill more than you drink, you will not only have beer soaked clothes, you will also have to endure the ridicule of the crowd. The only prize is the right to brag to your friends and any gains from bets. Example bets include; first to pass out, first to puke, last person standing, and fastest overall time.

Starting off, everyone grabs a can of beer. Each person prepares his or her own can. Start by...