Should There be a Playoff in College Football ?

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On January 8th No. 1 Ohio State will meet No. 2 Florida in the Bowl Champion Series National championship in Scottsdale Arizona but would that be the case if these two teams would have had to play Michigan, Oklahoma, LSU or even Wake Forest? These would be six of the eight teams (including Ohio State and Florida) who would play in a NCAA playoff instead of the BCS. Playoff games are the procedure that Division II and III teams follow to determine the best team. College football is something that I love and hate to see controversy every year; I would like to see the best eight teams compete at the end of the season in a single elimination playoff to determine the National Champion. As it stands now the media, the coaches and a computer determines the two teams to play in the National Championship based on their statistics only throughout the season.

The controversy arises every year because the BCS is belleved not to be a fair way in determining the number one team at the end of the football season.

When I first started this paper my original topic was, what if Rutgers was one of two teams that went undefeated this college season; should they play for the National Championship game in January? This did not happen and they ended up falling to Cincinnati on November 18th. For this topic I had already made a K&W chart and had written the introduction to my paper. Rutgers losing was the worst and yet the best thing that had happen to me during the writing of this paper. When this happened I started thinking hard about how would a playoff happen if there were to be one? I decided to make this my new topic,