Shuttle Bus-The Best Solution For Parking Problems

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Bill Barrett, California State University of Fullerton administration vice-president, and other associates have recently completed a study of their campus-parking situation. They confirm that there are near ninety percent occupancy in all parking lots and at one hundred percent occupancy during the peak hours of ten o'clock in the morning to two in the afternoon, Monday through Thursday. Actually, California State Fullerton campus has over 7,000 legal parking places. Unfortunately, not all of them are located close to campus buildings. Parking lots closest to the buildings usually fill up by nine o'clock in the morning (Barrett 1). If the students arrive early, they can usually find parking spaces close to their class buildings. In contrast, if the students arrive later, they will get a space in these lots only if they catch someone leaving, and it can get pretty frustrating driving in circles. There are many ways to solve parking problems, but the best way of all is to utilize shuttle buses.

Compare to cars, shuttle buses can transport more students to school and bring them back home, and they only need a little space to park or to unload the students. Many students in California State Fullerton have struggles finding parking spots on campus. They always get very frustrated when they are trying to find parking spaces. In order to solve this problem, California State Fullerton can restrict parking permits to those students who live near the campus and offer them the option of taking shuttle buses. Thomas Weatherford, a resident in Los Angeles, says that what University California of Los Angeles does to solve parking problems is to make a ten-mile halo around the campus, and anyone outside of that halo can be eligible for a permit (Weatherford 1). Now, California State Fullerton does not need a ten-mile...