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Winning isn't evrything

uld be taken seriously, byfar, winning isn't the only thing. Putting everything you have and giving one hundredpercent to the effort is also very important to competition. A team that puts everythingt ... but only gave some effort. Over the years many teams have lostimportant games due to a few inches, one pitch or a strike of "bad luck" although theseteams lost, they take it into the next game and ga ...

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Transportation safety

whether or not the plane will land safely or will be involved in a deadly accident.Safety is never one hundred percent, there is always going to be dangers with flight commercial airlines have always ... ng the pilots where they need to be and where they must land. They must do their job very precisely one false calculation any many people could die.And one of the most important nowadays is airport se ...

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Do Chimps Possess Culture? (short)

Do Chimps Possess Culture?Culture can be defined in so many different ways. None of them are really wrong but none can be said to be absolutely one-hundred percent correct. The ... hundred percent correct. The definition of culture is constantly being modified and changed to suit one's needs at that time, so it is always under construction. The definition I like the most is "A s ... hared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and artifacts that members of a society use to cope with one another and with there world and that are transmitted from generation to generation" (Bates and ...

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Comparing "A separate Peace" by John Knowles with "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley.

Someone once said " Competition does not build character it reveals it." This quote can be interpreted a ... eas. The trouble begins when Finny jumps off a tree and persuades Gene to do it as well. Gene isn't one hundred percent sure about making a decision concerning his life, but he does it anyway to prove ... nd isn't as calm, or brave as Finny. Later on Finny breaks a swimming record and refuses to tell anyone. He just likes the fact that he broke it. Any other person would be proud and want to inform the ...

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome its symtoms and treatment.

n cure for this disorder. FetalAlcohol Syndrome is the only cause of birth defects that are totally one hundredpercent preventable. Through education and intervention these defects can bestopped. In k ... l last for life.Now that you know about fetal alcohol syndrome, do you really think it was worththe one glass of wine or the shot of some hard liquor? I don't. Imagine what yourchild would go through ...

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Making Marriage Successful

g to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary OnLine, marriage is "an intimate or close union." Usually, everyone who begins to consider marriage in their relationship, plans to make it work until death do they ... e it work until death do they part. For a successful marriage, the importance of both spouses being one hundred percent committed to each other and able to communicate with one another is very signifi ...

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Competition and Price discrimination

conomy?"Competition is a good thing; monopoly is not a good thing." This statement is generally not one hundred percent true for a market economy. The ideal competitive market economy in which supply ... quilibrium and where consumer and companies have a benefit is not available often.J.J. Laffont mentioned on the Annual World Bank conference 1998: "Competition is an unambiguously good thing in the fi ...

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Web Mastery and E-Commerce

ns a website for an company or organization. The primary responsibility of a Webmaster is to assure one hundred percent functionality of a website at all times. If an Webmaster's site goes down it is ... aster competent?Webmasters need several core skills to be successful.-WritingMost sites require someone to create the mission statement, write copy for products, articles, newsletters, and respond to ...

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The Crucible

r of a society in crisis and its effect upon individuals in that society. Discuss.To begin with, no one is one hundred percent sure that what Miller wrote is a correct and accurate view of how a socie ... o completely appreciate the factors involved in the Salem witchcraft trials.The society of Salem is one, which is rich with strict religious practices. The citizens' belief in God and The devil, good ...

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Heroes in "The Odyssey."

Are there actually heroes in the world? If so, why do they exist? I believe that no one person in this world can be plainly labeled as such because humans are tremendously complex and ... ex and irrational which is the root of nearly all evil. There has never been nor will there ever be one being (excluding Jesus) that has ever been entirely good with a complete void from evil. By this ... is one hundred percent heroic and virtuous; the closest we can get is ninety-five percent for everyone has sinned numerous times in their lives, including those like the Pope. We all do evil, many ti ...

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Death Penalty.

zed? It's a morally disgusting and degrading deterrent in our society, which in fact, does not work one hundred percent of the time. I disagree with the death penalty for many reasons: 1) it's inhuman ... society run by government. 2) Another reason is that, it's freaking expensive! The cost to put someone to death is about the same as keeping someone in prison, if not more, for a life sentence (25 ye ...

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Applied ethics - A public defender application.

n will eat them alive. These are forms of stereotyping lacking much needed reasoning to become true one hundred percent of the time.II - Questionable Claim"If only I hadn't spilled the salt!"This is a ... had not spilled any salt.III - Inconsistency" be smart, keep your mouth shut and get the job done quickly. Oh, and remember, even though this is how things run, we still have to "act" like we ca ...

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Date Rape

and universities around the country alcohol has been the main cause of rapes. Statistics show that one hundred percent of gang rapes involve alcohol, and ninety percent of campus rapes have either th ... ing as the years pass. Only ten percent of the rape victims are male, therefore, something must be done to prevent women from being raped (Tucker 1).Being that women are the majority of rape victims, ...

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Wilfred Owen's 'Dulce Et Decorum Est' compared to Jessie Popes 'Whos For The Game'

's for the Game' to encourage young men into joining the British army. She wrote it as she believed one hundred percent in the war and the government propaganda. She was very patriotic and wanted to u ... ardly if they lie low. 'Who'll give his country a hand?' This line personifies Great Britain as someone who needs help, It makes men feel as if they have to do there duty for the country and makes pat ...

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Persuasive analysis: An interpretation of an article on the HPV vaccine 'gardasil'

reakthrough" (The Age, 07/10/05), published by the Australian Associated Press, contends that the pioneering cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil, has demonstrated to be one hundred percent effective aga ... g stuff", accordingly enhanced the merit of the article. Furthermore, the decidedly conversational tone employed throughout was both befitting to a newspaper article and engaging to the reader. The us ...

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Shuttle Bus-The Best Solution For Parking Problems

ing situation. They confirm that there are near ninety percent occupancy in all parking lots and at one hundred percent occupancy during the peak hours of ten o'clock in the morning to two in the afte ... contrast, if the students arrive later, they will get a space in these lots only if they catch someone leaving, and it can get pretty frustrating driving in circles. There are many ways to solve park ...

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media to a certain audience is not only wrong, but also a violation of the first amendment. If someone does not like the message that a certain group or song is sending to the audience, then it is th ... it off. However, no individual, special interest group, or government should be allowed to deny someone of the basic human right of freedom of speech.Most attempts to suppress music in the United Stat ...

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d cannot be prevented from controversial issues. Parents are not available to shelter their progeny one hundred percent of the time. what a parent needs to do is know their child's emotional capabilit ...

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Speech Disorder

ent to become comfortable with other means of communication, rather than having to rely on language one hundred percent of the time. What were the therapy activities used to achieve each of the ... . They did about twenty trials of this activity and the patient was often required to use more than one modality per word. In the beginning of this particular activity the therapist knew the words tha ...

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Sixth Sense Or Nonsense

nd has been studied by Parapsychologists all over the world. In times past, there have been such erroneous presumptions that the shape of a persons head determined how he would act or that there are t ... ng or telepathic behavior, how do we separate crazy ideas from those that sound crazy but are real. One way is to test it and find out. Trying To find one hundred percent validity in the possibility o ...

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