The Crucible

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In the Crucible Miller Reveals and explores the nature of and behaviour of a society in crisis and its effect upon individuals in that society. Discuss.

To begin with, no one is one hundred percent sure that what Miller wrote is a correct and accurate view of how a society would act in a time of crisis. In the play itself Miller talks about some of the great influences upon himself at the time of his writing of The Crucible. He talks about how he wrote the play during a time of great civil and political unrest in America, and with himself being in trouble with the law, he wrote the play as a protest towards the authority figures in his own society. This can be seen in the character Danforth, and any person who readers the play can get easily get the picture of Millers despise towards authority figures and therefore it is unlikely Miller could write a

non-biased view of society.

Even still, it does not make his view completely inaccurate, as we would have to have been there to completely appreciate the factors involved in the Salem witchcraft trials.

The society of Salem is one, which is rich with strict religious practices. The citizens' belief in God and The devil, good and evil were as strong then as our beliefs in evolution.

If you do not go along with their beliefs, by praying daily and going to church regularly, you will more than likely get a bad reputation in that particular society, and be treated very similar to a small time criminal in today's society. The Salem civilisation is on the verge of change, this brings about a major conflict between those who believe that the society needs the religion to uphold and maintain it, and...