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IntroductionWilliam Siemens is the owner of Siemens company, by profession he was an engineer and he is from Hamburg. Siemens has been at the forefront of technological change and social progress in the UK since 1843.Siemens AG is a global electrical and electronics business with a turnover of nearly £60 billion, company employees just under half a million people around the world. It is based in Munich Germany. In the UK Siemens has its headquarters in Bracknell, Berkshire and has around 100 sites across the UK employing 20,000 people.(lecture material) Siemens started their business by electroplating process but actual success got by telegraph equipment, which provide the actual company's growth to the company. Actually William Siemens had interested in thermal science ,such as the subject like steam engines, furnace etc. The company grew rapidly, opening three factories specializing in making submarine telegraph cables. In 1873 it laid the first undersea cable linking Britain and the US, spawning an exciting new age of communication, and by 1914 half of all cables connecting Europe and North America were laid by Siemens(siemens,2009) few of Siemens influences includes first automatic dial telegraph , first alarm bell system (which warns the railway workers of approaching trains),measuring devices such as voltage ,resistance.

Siemens company introduced electrodynamics principle in 1886which is very helpful in power generation as well electric motors. In 1879 Siemens built the world's first electric train . Siemens has also been at the forefront of radio and television technology, making some of the first mass-affordable receivers. Siemens company also made some engines for passenger-carrying aeroplanes. Further more Siemens information and communications provides IT services to the BBC, and in medical sector they have life-saving MRI scanners.

Challenges faces by HR manager at Siemens in U.K.

Intellectual capital-This is the real asset to...