Simulation Creating and Managing Effective Teams in Business: Managing effective teams - following APA guidelines.

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Effective team building is as important to the job as the project is to the company. The ways to build an effective team is to match the skills to the people assigned. One bad move in picking the right team members could affect the project as a whole. The team will be motivated to work together in a capacity to share ideas, with effective communication. The team will be chosen on the skills that each individual can bring to the group as a whole; placing each member in a role that fits their skill level. Some team members may be good at resolving issues, while others are better at being creative in their work. Ground rules will be established to have weekly meetings on the team's progress and feedback. A team leader would be an effective part of the team; to objectively provide feedback and motivation to team members.

Training and reward is an effective way to resolve conflicts and keep pressure from getting out of hand. The more motivated and confident the team is, the more productive the team will become. The team must be rewarded equally to be effective and provide positive results. If one person is rewarded for motivation to get along with the rest of the group, this could cause conflict among others in the group. Management is sticking by the team as a whole team and rewarding individual contributions after the project is completed. Team motivation and reward can be as simple as having a meeting/luncheon to discuss ideas and the team's progress. When forming a new temporary team, the manager is normally interested in the technical and interpersonal skills of potential members that are relevant to the group's tasks, the power distribution of selected members, and whether or not selected members adequately represent...