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After I had returned from my trip to the Bahamas I had learned some valuable life lessons which gave me a new perspective on life and the way that it is supposed to be lived. It was my first time traveling to the Caribbean and I was truly looking forward to the trip. It had always been a dream of mine to travel all over the world to different tropical destinations and now I was one step closer. I had been to several places such as Mexico, North Carolina and Florida several times before but never had I been to a tropical island in the Caribbean.

The first thing that I distinctly remember is waking up at 4:50 exactly just so that we could leave my house by 5 o'clock. I remember that just as my alarm started to buzz with that piercing sound that it makes, my mom stormed into my room to make sure that I was awake.

Of course I was even though I wouldn't have minded about eight more hours of sleep. I slowly crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom where my middle brother was already brushing his teeth so I just waited a couple of minutes so that I could do the same. As I was wiping the remnants of the leftover toothpaste off of my mouth my mom was yelling up the stairs letting my two brothers and I know that if we weren't downstairs and in the car in two minutes that we would be left behind. Of course she was lying because such a sweet woman as her would not leave her sons behind. Or would she? I did not take the time to think about it but instead I grabbed my wallet and my CD player and...