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Yesterday I was skateboarding on the side of the sidewalk and a man came out of his house yelling and cussing at me because I was making to much noise. I said to him, "it wasn't his property to kick me off of." He went back into his house and I kept skating. Then he came back out with a phone talking to the cops saying that I was drunk, maybe had drugs and was throwing rocks at him. I don't know about you, but I think skateboarders get blamed for everything.

From personal experiences, I know that everywhere you skate, people call cops, even at the skate park because of non-skaters with drugs. The cops end up driving you home and telling your parents. Then your parents ground you for nothing, and you can't talk to your friends, and you lose your social life. Without your social life we'll grow up to be office workers in cubicles not talking to anyone because we are embarrassed of social intercourse.

From some other personal experiences, people make skaters leave our hangouts just because we have a skateboard in our hands. At my school, my principal, Mr. Rizzardi, took away my skateboard (that was locked in my backpack), but everyday I see a girl with roller blades in her backpack, every day! She never gets her roller blades taken away! This kind of sounds funny but people are racist to skateboarders. I was skateboarding down the sidewalk and everybody that I passed made a face like a pig in disgust, scrunching up their nose pretending like they're mad. I felt that was unnecessary. Skateboarding doesn't smell, why scrunch up your nose? We have a bad reputation from the 80's and people still think we will pull a gun on them for money.

In conclusion, I think people should respect skateboarders more. After all, it's just a hobby. Being a skater doesn't make you a bad person. If a skater disrespects you or your property, you have the right to call the cops but don't call cops because you're racist against skaters. That's all I have to say, see ya.