A Skeptic's Guide to Sports Medicine

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'A Skeptic's Guide to Sports Medicine'

Nov. 22, 1996

Many times put all of our trust in a man, or woman, to diagnose an injury just because of what they wear on a white jacket. Where we go wrong is when we trust their credibility without researching this doctor. Was, or will their assessment be accurate? It is important to know exactly how you injured yourself and get the right treatment. A medical specialist can be very costly for your insurance company, and can waste a lot of you time and energy. Before you start calling doctors and making appointments for your weekend football injury, there are some things you should consider:

' Many injuries, even sports injuries don't require a

sports specialist

' If you do require a sports medicine specialist, finding

a good one can be tricky

Most injuries such as a sprain, bruised hip, or strain can be handled by the family physician.

If there is a compound fracture on the other hand, that is the specialty of an orthopedist. They are well versed in the repair of bone, cartilage , and muscle. So when should you consult with a sports medicine doctor? It's like this, whenever you have an injury , any injury, that interferes with your sport or workout, it's time to see a specialist.

' The best sports medicine specialists understand the special needs of an athlete.' Or at least they should according to Dr. Andrew Cosgarea, team physician and assistant proffessor of orthopedic surgery at Ohio State University. These guys understand how important athletics are important to you, and it's their job to make sure you can play as you did before you got hurt.

A major problem is that, unlike other specialties like obstetrics or ophthalmology, sports medicine is not...